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End shift filling chaos forever!

So much cost, stress and time wasted for shift and allocation managers as they try to find, connect and manage communications with their workers just to fill shifts !

Managers deserve certainty!

Managers that are left with the stressful uncertainty and responsibility for filling shifts can now be freed from the daily grind!

Emprevo has a created a Worker Marketplace that allows companies to quickly and easily fill shifts with their workers or agency partners when they need to, all in one place!

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4,000 managers in 1,750+ workplaces, managing 55,000+ workers and their 80+ agency partners, filling 80,000+ shifts a month. All from their very own custom worker marketplaces.

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Discover the joy of your own worker marketplace

With your own worker marketplace you can add your workers with Worker Connect (casual/part-time/, full-time) and add your preferred agencies with Agency Connect.

Now you’ll have the certainty of finding and connecting with all the workers and agencies you need in one place to fill shifts in minutes.

Certainty and clarity at work brings benefits to all

Certainty and clarity at work brings benefits to all

Delivering shift certainty! Contact hundreds of skilled and available workers to confirm shifts instantly.

Delivering shift certainty! Contact hundreds of skilled and available workers to confirm shifts instantly.

What is
shift filling chaos ?

Shift managers across all industries are wasting hours, suffering the chaos and frustration of trying to fill shifts; this is their pain every day.
Workers are increasingly in demand, communication channels more disparate and unreliable, and the responsibility for filling shifts falls to a select few; and they don’t have the right tools or support to manage the hundreds or thousands of shifts they need to fill each week.

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What do Managers have to say about Emprevo

“With Emprevo we’re able to put shifts on the system and in half an hour we have our roster filled for the next fortnight, so it’s made that much of a difference… It will be something that you wonder what you ever did without…
Ailiene Faccin
Residential Manager BlueCross
“Emprevo saw the team successfully re-organise 1,603 workers from 11 locations across 2,400+ shifts, into a strict single location requirement, within 2 hours.”
Adam Davis
Workforce Director - Allity Aged Care
“You can spend most of your shift trying to fill one or two spots....so this is where the Emprevo magic happens...few clicks, shifts go out and get filled.”
Jodie Cooke
Nurse Unit Manager, The Bays Hospital
"Emprevo has made such a difference to the way we fill casual work shifts. It gives us the unique ability to quickly connect with our 150 odd casual workers across our 27 locations to fill all our shifts. The workers are matched to where and when they want to work and they love the transparency of being able to confirm shifts that suit them. As a result, productivity has improved as we’re filling shifts in minutes, not hours"
Robert Sullivan
Manager Kids' Early Learning

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