In today’s workforce, a fixed income with benefits is becoming less of a priority with many people much more interested in taking work that fits in with their lifestyle. More employers are realising this and creating flexible work options to attract the highest calibre staff. Technology is playing a huge role in this transition, with mobile rostering apps allowing people to take on work and make extra income at a time that suits them. Emprevo is leading this revolution, allowing qualified workers access to employers looking to fill shifts.

If you're a keen traveller, a parent with young children or a would-be entrepreneur you might struggle to fit into the traditional 9 to 5 full time working model. If you fit into these categories you’ll probably find it hard to commit to regular work, but you still might feel that you could work a decent amount of hours if you could pick and choose your shifts each week.

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Meet the flexible workforce:

Sarah– 21 years old and loves to travel, she’s not interested in 6 weeks annual leave a year (more like 6 months!). Sarah has worked in hospitality for a number of years now and loves the fun, social environment. When Sarah at home she wants as many shifts as she can get her hands on, she’s desperate to build up her bank account enough to go on her next epic adventure.

Pete– An experienced barista, Pete is building his own business but needs an income on the side. Pete’s worked in various cafés for 5 years, and while he enjoys the work he also wants to spend time on his side project: an online store that he hopes will eventually become his full time job. While he builds his business Pete wants to be able to pick up barista shifts near his home.

Wendy – Wendy’s availability revolves around her two kids’ schedule, some weeks are busier than others and if one of the kids get sick she can’t work. Wendy is not the the sole breadwinner but her family has a lot of expenses so her income is important. She wants to be able to pick up shifts while the kids are at school but she can’t work during school holidays.

How can I get access to flexible work?

Emprevo is building a database of flexible, qualified workers ready to fill shifts. We are connected to major hospitality employers helping you to get shifts at the time you want them. The Emprevo Mobile App gives you the flexibility to manage your work/life balance like never before.

If you’re an experienced hospitality worker looking for flexible shifts then leave your contact details below so we can add you to the Emprevo system.

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