Who we are

Emprevo is the smart platform for filling shifts that saves significant costs and generates extra revenue for businesses.

It is refreshing to be involved with a product and a company that understands exactly what problem they are solving and can clearly articulate it. Making it simple however, has taken a lot of hard work.”
Scott Deane

Scott Deane

Chief Executive Officer, Emprevo

Our story

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Emprevo was originally created as an internal solution by a Health Care operator to solve the problem of filling shifts at their facility. We believe matching people and work should be simple, reliable and cost effective.

Since our initial pilot in 2015, backed by industry experts and leaders, we have gained inside knowledge through our strategic partnerships across key industries. See our Board Members.

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Today our platform is used across 1,000+ work places in Australia / New Zealand with over 25,000 users across various industries including Aged Care, Acute Care, Childcare and Hospitality to name a few.

When I joined Emprevo I wanted to create a simple, delightful and compelling way to fill shifts. We’re focused on solving one problem – helping managers fill all the shifts they need to and allowing workers to get more work when and where they want to. That’s why we’re here.
Anthony Byrne

Anthony Byrne

Chief Product & Technology Officer, Emprevo