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Emprevo is simple and easy to use. It has saved me considerable administrative time on emails and phone calls. By advertising shifts on Emprevo, a wide number of people receive the message of a vacant shift at once - it's made managing the roster much easier!
Jamie, Residential Manager, Westgarth Aged Care
Hi Ned!  Just wanting to get back to you regarding how much I loving Emprevo (and the constant improvements are also great)! This morning someone called in sick, so I put the shift up on Emprevo and I had it filled in less than 1 minute! Can you believe it!? I am so busy during the day, I just don’t have the time to be calling up staff and finding people to work, Emprevo has made the process of filling shifts simple and very time efficient, leaving more time for me to get on with other tasks.
Carly, Customer Service Officer, The Gables Aged Care
Emprevo is the easiest and best way to see available shifts. I can even pick up a shift when I am at home using my smartphone. Emprevo makes my life easier and saves me time, I am really happy with this system.
Anuja, Personal Care Attendant, The Gables Aged Care
Emprevo has made my life so much easier. I can go online anytime and change my availability according to my study timetable each semester. And besides my permanent shifts I can still pick up shifts according to my availability. It is so much easier now - I only get the emails on the days I am available instead of text messages which I use to get all the time.
Gurbinder, Personal Care Attendant, The Gables Aged Care

The System Emprevo allows people to find shift work at the click of a button.

People join our bank of qualified staff and have access to hundreds of employment options, without the hassle of dealing with an agency. Employees can log in and view available shifts at any time and book into ones they want to work. Once a manager has confirmed that they worked a shift, we can begin the process of payment. We have already helped hundreds of people find the shifts they want to work in record time.

We believe that the old workforce model is broken. In this day and age, matching people with opportunities should be simple and transparent. Emprevo makes it happen.

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Emprevo helps qualified people find shift work they love with less effort, reduced stress and with the press of a button! We've developed a cloud-based management system that takes care of every detail.

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